Live the vintage experience up close at Viñas Queirolo Hotel

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Live the vintage experience up close at Viñas Queirolo Hotel

As every year, starting from February the harvest begins in the wine world, which many know as the “vintage”; Viñas Queirolo Hotel could not be oblivious to this event and invites everyone to live this great experience up close.

Live the experience of the vintage like never before.

Viñas Queirolo Hotel was built in the middle of a vineyard, becoming the only one of its kind in Peru and one of the most important oenological hotels in the region. But the fact that it is the only Peruvian hotel in the middle of a vineyard is not the only thing that makes it special; but the fact that it turns its guests into luxury spectators of the whole cycle of the vine, including obviously the vintage.

All the guests can live an oenological experience very close and in the front row; since the stay includes a guided tour to the hotel’s vineyards, where an expert sommelier will explain the whole process of the vine, the types of vines and all about its use for the production of wines and piscos.

But in addition, guests will enjoy, as part of the experience, a tasting of wine and pisco (according to schedules), where the sommelier will teach you important details to know better the drinks made with grapes. You will discover a world of aromas and flavors that you never imagined, from a cellar and from the voice of an expert.

But the experience is not finished if you do not visit the hotel’s viewpoint. A few meters and minutes from the hotel – in one of the surrounding mountains – there is the viewpoint, a high point that allows us to enjoy the best view of the vineyards, the Valley of Ica and the hotel itself. This guided tour will also allow you to appreciate the nature at its best angle and – to crown the afternoon – a toast with a glass of white wine or sparkling wine.

This great experience, worthy of one of the best oenological hotels, is highlighted by the beauty of its natural environment, where the guest can appreciate the greatness of the vineyards many times from the comfort of their room or from different areas of the hotel (swimming pools, bars, gardens, restaurant etc.).

And for wine and pisco lovers, the hotel has an exclusive store and discounts for guests on drinks to go. You will find the full range of drinks from the Santiago Queirolo brand (exclusive discounts on drinks to take away) and thus conclude a great experience.

Now that you know… Where will you live the experience of a vintage?

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