Wines and piscos: tasting in Ica

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Wines and piscos: tasting in Ica

Nowadays, wine tourism is in trend and more and more people are looking for the wine route in Peru. Viñas Queirolo Hotel has a great proposal for a real tasting in Ica. Join us to learn more about this new alternative in an oenological hotel in Peru.

A complete wine experience

Viñas Queirolo Hotel offers all its visitors a complete wine experience, which makes us the best wine hotel in Peru and a must on the wine route in Ica.

The hotel is located in the beautiful Valley of Ica, inside of a vineyard owned by Santiago Queirolo group, a prestigious brand of wine and pisco. The hotel is surrounded by vineyards in the middle of the valley, where guests can enjoy a beautiful natural environment, appreciating the vineyards in their different cycles (depending on the time of year). Yet, it isn’t just a beautiful hotel in the middle of a vineyard, but a true wine experience.

Wine or pisco tasting

One of the real special experiences is the tasting, a wine and pisco tasting by a sommelier where we will discover more about the drinks made from vines (wines or piscos). Flavors, aromas and fun dynamics are part of this tasting that all guests can enjoy as part of their visit to the hotel (only for people over 18 years of age).

More than just a tasting

Viñas Queirolo Hotel is not just a hotel for tasting, it also includes a series of oenological experiences. Guests can take a tour guided by a sommelier through the vineyards of the hotel, so all visitors can get to know closely the cycle of the vine, details of the making of wine and pisco, vines themselves and all the process.

But the experience continues, as guests will take a visit to the hotel’s viewpoint where they will enjoy an amazing view of the vines in all their splendor, of the Valley of Ica and its beautiful sunset, and of the hotel; all this accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine or a refreshing white wine.

As if it wasn’t enough, visitors can enjoy wines and piscos in the varied menu of Las Viñas Restaurant, where you can pair wines with the most delicious dishes of Peruvian fusion and international cuisine; without forgetting the varied cocktails available in its two bars (Intipalka Bar and Queirolo Bar). And to finish with a flourish, the hotel has an assorted shop of Santiago Queirolo’s wines and piscos, which you can take home with exclusive discounts for guests.

Important: The transfer to the viewpoint it’s under the guest responsibility.


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