Top 10 things a romantic hotel must have

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Top 10 things a romantic hotel must have

You want to have a romantic getaway with your partner and you are looking for the ideal hotel. Do not worry about it! We will help you choose and we will tell you ten things that a romantic hotel must have.

1. A romantic setting

A romantic hotel should look romantic, it should be in a romantic environment (if it’s surrounded by nature, the better). This way, you can enjoy beautiful views, unforgettable sunsets or nights under the moonlight.

2. Romantic restaurant

A romantic dinner is a must in a getaway, whether it’s accompanied by candlelight, a good wine or a champagne. A delicious meal and the rest does not matter. It is important that the hotel has a restaurant that meets your expectations.

3. Couple activities

A hotel is not a room only, even if the couple is in their honeymoon, they will always want to do new things. That’s why it’s important that the chosen hotel has activities for couples, to make it an unforgettable romantic getaway.

4. Swimming pools and relaxation

A romantic getaway is also time for relaxation and fun. The hotel must have a swimming pool or pools to have a really good time, enjoy the amazing company, sun and why not? enjoy refreshing beverages.

5. A toast to love

A romantic hotel should be ready for a toast to love. A good list of wines, cocktails, and drinks. Either in the restaurant, in the bar or in the room service.  

6. Customer service

It is important, also, to be well attended. A personalized attention, and feeling comfortable at all times. The hotel should be prepared for the most demanding guests.  

7. Comfort and privacy

The rooms should be well equipped, elegant and stylish. In addition to the privacy that all couples look for in their honeymoon or in a romantic getaway.

8. Romantic Walks

Other activities that should not be missed in a romantic getaway, are the walks. Unforgettable romantic moments in the open air, enjoying the company and the landscapes around you.

9. Something different

Having the 8 points named so far makes a hotel, a “romantic hotel”. However, it is a good idea to look for a hotel with a differential, which makes it unique and special, and obviously more romantic.

10. Romantic offer

Many romantic hotels offer packs and promotions for couples. Among them is  Viñas Queirolo Hotel, a romantic hotel that complies with the 10 points of this list.

It is located in the heart of the Ica Valley, built in the middle of a vineyard, with beautiful natural landscapes worthy of postcards.

It has 3 swimming pools, 2 bars and a chimney area for a romantic outdoors evening, in addition to its Las Viñas Restaurant, which has a beautiful view of the vineyards, without forgetting its great wine list. Prepared to provide great personalized attention at all times, its rooms and suites, beautifully decorated, give us the comfort and privacy that every couple needs.

Couples can visit the viewpoint, take bike rides through the vineyards, tasting or simply enjoying all the hotel facilities.

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