Viñas Queirolo Hotel: Wine Hotel in Peru

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Viñas Queirolo Hotel: Wine Hotel in Peru

Wine tourism is increasing strongly in Peru, “wine routes” are becoming more important each time and the wine lovers are still searching for new destinations. Join us to learn more about the Viñas Queirolo Hotel, the wine hotel in Peru.

Viñas Queirolo Hotel was born less than a decade ago in the Intipalka vineyard – one of the most important in Ica- which belongs to Santiago Queirolo, the brand of wines and piscos. It became the only Peruvian hotel built in the middle of a vineyard,  with a republican style that did not leave-out modernism and comfort.

Little by little, this hotel became a referent of the enology in Peru and a must-visit point in the wine route in Ica.

An enological experience

Viñas Queirolo Hotel is not an enological hotel just because it is located in a vineyard, nor because it belongs to one of the most representative groups of wines and piscos in Peru, Santiago Queirolo. The hotel offers its guests a truly enological experience.

All guests can take a tour through the vineyards of the hotel guided by a sommelier, where you can learn about the process of the vines and the harvest for the preparation of wines and piscos. In addition, guests can attend a tasting, where a sommelier will test their senses.

But the enological experiences at Viñas Queirolo Hotel do not end there. At the Las Viñas Restaurant, guests can enjoy the exquisite dishes of the menu, with a special wine pairing of all strains and fusion dishes of Peruvian and International cuisine, with the special touch of the chef.

But the experiences continue, guests can enjoy a fantastic walk to the viewpoint of the Hotel, where they can enjoy an amazing sunset, with the Valle de Ica as a background and accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine or white wine.

And as if it was not enough, guests will get a special and exclusive discount at the wine and pisco shop of the Hotel (take away only), where they will find all the presentations of wines, piscos and other drinks of Santiago Queirolo brand.

Enological tour in Ica

But not only hotel-guests can enjoy these wine experiences. We have the wine tours “Live the world Viñas Queirolo”, where you can choose a customized tour from three options, all of them in a fun full day (Subject to availability – Previous Reservation).

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