Hotel Viñas Queirolo: Nature and Comfort in one Place

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Hotel Viñas Queirolo: Nature and Comfort in one Place

There are many hotels in Ica, hotels that offer excellent service and that stand out for their comfortable facilities. However, there are few hotels that such offer comfort in a natural setting, as Hotel Viñas Queirolo does. Join us to learn more about this beautiful hotel located in the heart of the Ica Valley and built in the middle of a vineyard. The hotel is filled with the tradition of Santiago Queirolo wines and piscos.

A hotel in the middle of a vineyard

Hotel Viñas Queirolo is located in the middle of the Santiago Queirolo vineyard in the heart of the Ica Valley. This amazing location makes it the only hotel in Peru in its class, allowing guests to have a unique stay.

Surrounded by natural landscapes that include the mountains of the valley and the vineyards themselves, this hotel offers a wonderful place for guests to enjoy splendid sunrises and romantic sunsets.

Have an experience close to nature

In addition to enjoying nature and appreciating it from a privileged location, guests at Hotel Viñas Queirolo can interact with nature itself. Guests can enjoy guided walks through the vineyards while a sommelier explains the grape harvesting process and pisco and wine-making processes at the Santiago Queirolo winery.

An unforgettable experience at the hotel’s lookout point

Another experience that every guest at the Hotel Viñas Queirolo must take part in is undoubtedly a visit to the viewpoint. This place allows guests to take in an incredible view of the whole hotel and a large part of the valley. They can also watch the sunset and toast with sparking or white wine.

Lunch with amazing scenery

Las Viñas restaurant, a fine dining restaurant with a varied menu of Peruvian and fusion dishes, is special in ways that go beyond its excellent service and extensive wine list. The scenery and views that the restaurant offers to its guests as they eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner are truly outstanding. This beautiful landscape features the vineyards, part of the valley, and Ica’s great blue sky.

Hotel Viñas Queirolo

Hotel Viñas Queirolo’s extensive facilities offer guests unforgettable moments set in nature and postcard worthy pictures. You’ll soon realize that that this hotel is not just a nice hotel.

What are you waiting for? Get away for a weekend and disconnect from the city.

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