Wine pairing with Peruvian cuisine

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Wine pairing with Peruvian cuisine

Wine consumption has been increasing in Peru year after year. Wine culture is also booming in our country, and there are more and more diners who wish to pair Peruvian dishes with appropriate wines, and the result is quite interesting. Here are some suggestions for pairing your Peruvian dishes with wine.

Ceviche and white wine

Ceviche is our national dish: it has strong, unique flavors (lime and chili pepper stand out among them). It’s common knowledge that it’s best to drink a smooth white wine with fish. In this case we can opt for a Sauvignon Blanc or a Chardonnay, always chilled between 10 and 14 degrees, so that the freshness of the wine combines well with the cold dish.

“Carapulcra and sopa seca”, a lot of flavor and a good wine

Peruvian stews in general have a lot of flavor and quite accented notes. Carapulcra, by itself or with the famous “sopa seca” (dry soup), is a typical dish from Ica and has a lot of flavor. in these cases, we recommend a wine with “personality”, like a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Shiraz.

Lomo saltado, an easy-to-pair dish

Lomo saltado is a dish with meat, oriental style (sautéed) with creole soul. Red meats pair well with red wines—the mix of marked flavors has always been quite successful. In these cases we suggest a Malbec wine or a Merlot. However, if we mix the dish with pasta such as stir fried noodles or spaghetti with huancaína sauce, we suggest a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Petit Verdot.

Tacu tacu, strong and satiating

Tacu tacus have become more popular recently, and they have jumped from the conventional dinner table to the menus of some of the best gourmet restaurants. Beans and rice fried in a pan fuse excellently with sauce and meat. This dish can be paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Petit Verdot, or even a quality Malbec.

Las Viñas, the restaurant that you should visit

One of Hotel Viñas Queirolo’s main attractions is its Las Viñas restaurant. The restaurant has a great menu that combines the best of our gastronomy, with fusion food and dishes from international cuisines. It also stands out for having one of the best wine lists with the entire range of Santiago Queirolo wines in which the Intipalka wines stand out—all perfect for a good pairing with the dishes offered on the menu.



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